We are an Ottawa-area custom home builder, specializing in building ICF dream homes.

Why ICF?

We think ICF is the best material to build your new house.

Although it is definitely eco-friendly, (and often marketed that way) we think that energy-efficiency is the best feature. It reduces the long-term cost of owning a home, thus allowing you, our client, to own your home sooner.


Ready to build your dream home? Awesome!

If you're not quite ready yet, we also offer services for renovations and additions, and interior/exterior finishing.

If you need someone to help you take your project to completion, we can serve as project manager working with you to achieve your goals. We can take the project from design stage through to the construction and finishing. 


Set up your free consultation

Whether you know what you want, or just need more info on ICF and if it will work for you, we'd love to help. You can set up a free consultation to speak with us about your work.